NYU to Visit Band – Fun Facts!

On April 12 at 9:40am we will have Dartmouth, New York University, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and Washington University at St Louis visiting Band. This week we will post fun facts about each of the visiting colleges – one per day and in alphabetical order.

Today we will focus on New York University. Did you know that?

  • NYU has several Band students attending
  • 5917 is the total freshman enrollment. 58% female / 42% male. 50 US states represented in the student body
  • NYU has the highest number of international students in America. 83 countries are represented in the freshman class. 20% of the freshman class is composed of non-US citizens
  • 766 international faculty members and research scholars from 82 countries around the world
  • $30,000 average scholarship amount awarded to freshmen
  • 230+ areas of study available to undergraduates
  • 10:1 student to faculty ratio
  • 54% graduates receiving 2 or more job offers
  • 86% of graduates employed 6 months post commencementNYU campus NYU campus 3 NYU campus 2

Dartmouth to Visit Band – Fun Facts!

On April 12 at 9:40am we will have Dartmouth, New York University, Northwestern, Vanderbilt and Washington University at St Louis visiting Band. This week we will post fun facts about each of the visiting colleges – one per day and in alphabetical order.

So let´s start with DARTMOUTH! Dartmouth is one of the Ivy League colleges. Did you also know that Dartmouth is:

  • Dartmouth accepted 2 Band students in the past 2 years!
  • #1 in study abroad. Dartmouth leads the ivies in study abroad.
  • Top ten for internship success.
  • 4,214 unique individuals. Students come from 50 states and 71 countries. 
  • $46,315 average scholarship. Every year awards more than $88 million in need-based scholarships.
  • 7:1 student to faculty ratio.
  • Over 2,100 courses. Catalog includes the flexibility to design individualized study.
  • Over $200 million annually in sponsored research. Classified by the Carnegie Foundation as a “research university with very high research activity.” Undergraduates can participate in research alongside faculty and graduate students as early as their first year.
  • Recognized nationally for commitment to undergraduate teaching, every year since the ranking began. Classrooms are led by stellar faculty.
  • #2 in return on investment. Alumni pay it forward as their way of saying “thanks.”

dartmouth campus

dartmouth campus 3

dartmouth campus 2

Want to learn more? Come to the event on April 12!

ACT: Understanding Your Scores

Several students will be taking the ACT on Saturday, April 8.

The focus now should be on preparing for the exam, but after the exam is done, you will need to understand your score.

You will receive a score report similar to the images below. In it, you will be able to view your Composite Score as well as your individual scores in each section.

Go to this link to watch a video explaining the breakdown of your score report and how to analyze it: ACT: Understanding Your Scores

Universities disclose the average ACT score of their incoming freshmen class so you can go onto the websites of the universities you want to apply to in order to see how your ACT score compares to their average acceptances. This is an example of Stanford´s disclosure on test scores: Stanford Applicant Profile

Have questions? Come talk to Olavo or Debbie to understand your scores and colleges better.

act act 2 act 3


5 Myths About College Admissions

The Washington Post just published an interesting article about some common myths about college admissions.


Myth 1: Admissions essays don´t matter

Myth 2: The more extracurriculars, the better

Myth 3: Ivy League schools are the most selective

Myth 4: Average grades in hard classes are better than A´s in easy ones

Myth 5: Schools don´t need affirmative action to make diverse classes

Read the article to learn more about these myths: Washington Post “Five myths about college admissions”

Follow Universities on Instagram

Are You Following Universities on Instagram?


You can learn a lot about a university by following them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat.

Here are some of the more popular University Instagram accounts:

  • Harvard University @harvard
  • Stanford University @stanford
  • Princeton University @princeton_university
  • Columbia University @columbia
  • University of Pennsylvania @uofpenn
  • University of Chicago @uchicago
  • Yale University @yale
  • Brown University @brownu
  • Georgetown University @georgetownuniversity
  • New York University @nyuniversity
  • University of Michigan @uofmichigan
  • University of Florida @uflorida
  • Texas A&M University @tamu
  • Univ of California – Los Angeles @ucla
  • Univ of California – Berkeley @ucberkeleyofficial
  • Univ of Wisconsin – Madison @uwmadison

These are just some ideas…almost every university abroad has an Instagram account so search for the ones you like and follow them on Instagram.

If you want to learn more about universities and their social media presence, check out this article: http://www.bestcolleges.com/features/best-college-social-media/


Happy St Patrick´s Day! Notre Dame Fun Facts

Today is St Patrick´s Day!

To celebrate, let´s talk about the University of the Fighting Irish! Located in Indiana, University of Notre Dame is the home of the fighting Irish.

Did you know?

  • The Golden Dome that sits on top of the Main Building is covered in 23.9-karat gold leaf. Students often find flakes of gold in the surrounding grass during a re-gilding, so I guess you could say gold is literally falling from the sky at Notre Dame!
  • The football helmets also get some gold: Other flakes collected during the re-gilding are used in their painting process.ND Fightin´ Irish
  • The architecture of the South Dining Hall is reminiscent of a medieval Guild Hall. It reminds many people of Harry Potter, which prompted food services to host the first Harry Potter-themed dinner in 2009. This is now an annual tradition!
  • Two movies were filmed at Notre Dame: “Knute Rockne, All American” and “Rudy,” both which are football related.
  • It has been said that if a male and female student holds hands and walk around the two lakes on campus in the shape of a figure 8, they will get married. A similar tale is if two people of the opposite sex kiss under the Lyons’ arch, it will lead to marriage.
  • Students, under no circumstance, walk up the steps of the Main Building. The popular superstition is that you will not graduate if you do so. Therefore, it is a commencement tradition to take a picture on the stairs.
  • Notre Dame boasts seven Heisman trophy winners, the highest number in the whole country.

notre dame

High Point Univ to Visit Band – Fun Facts!

High Point University will be visiting Band on Monday, March 20 at 3:30pm in Room A12.

Did you know?

  • High Point was rated by US News as No. 1 Best Regional College in the South
  • High Point was rated by US News as No. 1 Most Innovative College in the South
  • 60 first year seminars offered for in-depth study of unique subjects
  • $275mn in donations from alumni, parents, and friends over last 10 years
  • 89 new academic, residential and student life buildings, athletic stadiums and field house
  • 100,000+ volunteer hours High Point students contribute annually in community service
  • One of the highlights of High Point is the President Nido Qubein who is very involved with students in the day-to-day. He came to the United States as a teenager with limited knowledge of English and only $50 in his pocket. His inspiring life story is one filled with adversity and abundance. More on Nido Qubein:https://www.highpoint.edu/president/ 

HPU image

high point univ


Happy Pi Day! Best Engineering Programs

Happy Pi Day! (March 14 = 3.14!)

pi day

We thought we´d celebrate Pi Day by honoring the mathematicians at Band who are looking for a degree in Engineering.

There are several Engineering rankings available including by specific program, but here´s one to take a look at today “Best Engineering Programs (at schools whose highest degree is a doctorate)”:

  1. MIT
  2. Stanford
  3. UC Berkeley
  4. CalTech
  5. Georgia Tech
  6. UIC – Urbana
  7. U Michigan – Ann Arbor
  8. Carnegie Mellon
  9. Cornell
  10. Purdue

The full list of this ranking is available at: US News Best Undergrad Engineering Programs

Other rankings available at: US News Best Colleges Rankings

pi day joke

University of Minnesota to Visit Band – Fun Facts!

The University of Minnesota will be visiting Band on Wednesday, March 15 at 9:30am (Room A12).

Did you know?

  • 30,500 undergraduate students study on the Twin Cities campus
  • 16,300 graduate and professional students
  • 7,000 international students, from 135 countriesu_of_m_logo_2
  • 2,600 students study abroad—6th most among U.S. universities
  • 400,000 alumni
  • Famous alumni include Norman Borlaug (Nobel Peace Prize-winning agronomist), former Vice President Walter Mondale, satirist Garrison Keillor, and Super Bowl championship coach Tony Dungy.
  • Alumni have started 10,000 companies, employing 500,000 and generating revenue of $100 billion.
  • Twin Cities mascot: Goldy Gopher
  • Nickname: Golden Gophers

We will also be having an event on Monday March 13 with several universities from all over the world including Canada, Italy, UK, South Africa and US at 9:30am in Room A11.

To ACT or SAT? That is the question

Should you take the SAT or ACT?


It depends…colleges and universities are indifferent on one exam versus the other so you need to find out the exam that is right for you. Take a practice test of each one and see which one you feel more comfortable with.

A few key stats of one exam versus the other:

You can use this link to see other information on SAT vs ACT as well as take a free practice exam of each: Princeton Review: SAT vs ACT

Both the SAT and ACT are offered at Band.

SAT 2017 Remaining Dates: May 6, October 7, December 2

ACT 2017 Remaining Dates: April 8, June 10, September 9, October 28, December 9