7 admissions officers share the things they never tell applicants

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It’s the question every high school senior asks: What happens in the admissions office?


Here’s an insider look into 7 things college admissions officers keep secret:

1. Your and your parents’ interactions with the school are tracked.

2. Your application only gets a few minutes to make an impression.

3. Your application could be good — but it should be great.

4. Even if you’re an outstanding candidate, you might not get in.

5. Your personality matters.

6. Getting an interview is a huge advantage.

7. Don’t forget to ask questions.

Read the entire article with more details about each of these “secrets” here.


Até agora, já são 32 aceitações “early” de universidades internacionais!

O sonho de estudar fora já virou realidade para 15 alunos do Band formados em 2017. Até o momento, já foram 32 aceitações de universidades internacionais. Entre elas, há nomes de prestígio como a “University of Chicago” e “The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania”.

Acceptances novo cópia

Isso porque esses alunos se candidataram nos processos “Early Action” e “Early Decision”. Neles, é possível aplicar para as universidades de forma antecipada e, assim, receber o resultado antes – já que normalmente as aceitações saem apenas durante os meses de março e abril.


Alguns alunos também ficaram sabendo da resposta antes – mesmo sendo “Regular Decision” – pelo perfil extraordinário que apresentaram na aplicação. Desses, cinco alunos estão concorrendo como finalistas para ganhar bolsas de estudo integral por mérito acadêmico.

O Coordenador e a Sub-Coordenadora do Departamento Internacional, José Olavo de Amorim e Deborah Pontual, revelaram o orgulho pelos alunos do Band que já foram aceitos e também a animação pelos que estão por vir. “Esses resultados são mérito do esforço dos alunos que trabalharam muito ao longo do ano passado para preparar as aplicações junto com o Departamento Internacional”, completou Deborah.

Bitcoin? Computer Science Ethics? Happiness?

One of the coolest parts about studying abroad is being able to take courses on all different kinds of subjects and topics even if you don’t want to necessarily major in these topics. Here are some examples:

How to be Happier is a Course

Yale’s “Positive Psychology” Course On Happiness Is The Most Popular For Enrollment In 316 Years

More than a hundred universities have started adding courses on positive psychology to their catalogues, like the University of Pennsylvania, Claremont Graduate University, and Harvard University, whose undergraduate positive psychology class was also the most popular on campus when it debuted over a decade ago.

Read more here.

Cryptocurrencies Come to Campus

Several top schools have added or are rushing to add classes about Bitcoin and the record-keeping technology that it introduced, known as the blockchain.

Read more here.

Tech’s Ethical ‘Dark Side’: Harvard, Stanford and Others Want to Address It

Now, in the wake of fake news and other troubles at tech companies, universities that helped produce some of Silicon Valley’s top technologists are hustling to bring a more medicine-like morality to computer science.

This semester, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are jointly offering a new course on the ethics and regulation of artificial intelligence. The University of Texas at Austin just introduced a course titled “Ethical Foundations of Computer Science” — with the idea of eventually requiring it for all computer science majors.

And at Stanford University, the academic heart of the industry, three professors and a research fellow are developing a computer science ethics course for next year. They hope several hundred students will enroll.

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We’re back! 3 Tips to Avoid Falling Behind on SAT, ACT Prep

We are officially back and there will be lots happening this year.

We already have events with universities confirmed for end of February, March and April and lots more to come. We will keep you posted of events 1-2 weeks before.

Last year’s seniors already had some great early acceptances and we will be sharing more details about these soon.

We wanted to start off this year’s blog with U.S. News’ 3 Tips to Avoid Falling Behind on SAT, ACT Prep:

1. Set attainable study goals

2. Incentivize your study goals

3. Vary your study materials and methods

More details by clicking on the link to the full article: Read Entire Article Here.

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